Interesting Top 10 Female Celebrities list

I found this list while surfing and thought it was rather unique… and in a way very wrong.  But hey, lets post and you can see what you think of it.

#1 Angelina Jolie.  Really?  I mean she’s hot and all but number 1? Got fakes of Angelina Jolie bare assed here

#2 Miley Cyrus. This one befuddled and confused me. We are talking hottest right? She’s hot but numero two-oh? Fakes of Miley Cyrus nude are here.

#3 Jennifer Aniston. No arguing here, she just keeps on getting hotter and hotter, she needs to do more nudity though. Got Jennifer Aniston naked fake photos too.

#4 Madonna. Ok, lets step the fuck away from the keyboard here. Madonna??? She’s fucking 50! But yes, I have Madonna in naked fakes here.

#5 Aishwarya Rai. A good actress for sure, and a real beauty. Not sure if she deserves to be this high in a top 10. Aishwarya Rai appears naked in fakes here.

#6 Avril Lavigne. She’s a cutie but the angry thing wears thin. What the hell is she still angry about? Maybe Avril Lavigne is pissed over these naked phoney pics?

#7 Hayden Panettiere. Now this is a beautiful blonde. She’d have been higher if she did more naked stuff. So I’ll provide naked not real pics of Hayden Panettiere.

#8 Beyonce Knowles. A classic beauty and great actress she continues to be a knockdown hottie. See Beyonce Knowles in fake sex pics here.

#9 Emma Watson. This Brit babe should have been higher, and would have been if I made this list. See Emma Watson, Harry Potter star, naked in fakes.

#10 Jennifer Love Hewitt. This is crazy wrong. She’s hot, has a new show and did I mention she’s hot? Fakes of Jennifer Love Hewitt can be drooled over here.